GoHeavy provides shoppers with same day delivery services so they can get their large, bulky purchases delivered quickly!

To get started, download the GoHeavy app™ or call us at 1-800-664-2046 for more information!

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Last Mile Delivery

How GoHeavy Works for You

For Shoppers

With the GoHeavy app, shoppers can get their large, bulky purchases delivered the same day or next day!

For Retailers

Retailers can offer, promote, and manage ship-from-store and direct-from-fulfillment centers to their customers’ homes.

For Drivers & Heavy Lifters

If you have a large vehicle, a smart phone, and a friendly personality, then we’ve got an opportunity for you!

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Affordable last mile delivery!

Have you ever purchased large items in store only to discover that they would not t in your vehicle? Not only that, now you have to lug that bulky item back into the store and arrange for a delivery, which often takes weeks to receive. We understand that this process can be extremely frustrating!

We knew there had to be a better way! At GoHeavy, we believe that buying a large item that you “need now,” whether it’s in-store or online, should be picked up and delivered on time, regardless of the size of the product. With the new GoHeavy app™, you can now arrange for a GoHeavy Driver to pick up your large, heavy items from local retailers and receive same-day delivery or next-day delivery without the inconvenience of waiting.

Retail Delivery

GoHeavy is dedicated to safety!

All our drivers are diligently screened and must pass service a safety testing before they are permitted to use our platform, starting with criminal history background and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) checks. The criminal background verification includes searches of the Nationwide Criminal Database, Sex Offender Registry and County Criminal Courts looking back a minimum of 7 years. Additionally, GoHeavy reserves the right to legally compliant disqualification based on background check results.

GoHeavy maintains zero-tolerance for drug and/or alcohol abuse for Drivers. We encourage you to report suspicions of an intoxicated and/or impaired Driver. We require that all our Drivers understand the dangers of texting while driving. Our Safety and Distracted Driver Programs, explain how to be safe and be healthy on the job and strongly discourages dangerous behind-the-wheel practices.


GoHeavy Coverage Areas

Management Team

Marco Castillo, CEO & Founder of GoHeavy

Marco Castillo

CEO & Founder
25 years of recognized leadership in global aviation, logistics, transportation, and innovative product development

Philip Tyler, President & Co-Founder of GoHeavy

Philip Tyler

President & Co-Founder
25 years of global experience as a visionary leader in product marketing and new technology sectors

Frank Cancio, Chief Technology Officer of GoHeavy

Frank Cancio

Chief Technology Officer
15 years of experience in software development throughout United States, South America, and Carribean

Dave Walker, Business Development Officer of GoHeavy

Dave Walker

Business Development Officer
25 years of recognized leadership in global aviation, logistics, transportation, and high-tech industries

Cynthia Parker, Human Resources Officer of GoHeavy

Cynthia Parker

Human Resources Officer
25 years of domestic and international human resource expertise with a people-centric leadership styles